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Sewing Tip from Sweet Dreamzz Textiles April 18, 2012

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Should I iron my fabric before starting this sewing project?  Normally I would say no because I have a pretty good handle on how fabrics react to heat.  Going back to the first sentence well let’s rephrase it in this way. It’s always a good idea to test the heat limits of your fabric especially when combining it with other fabrics. What may seem to work with normal heat may not work when the handle on the iron or the heat gets turned up a few notches.  When working with a swatch of fabric that the dress-maker intends on using as a lining, cut out a small sample and test it on low heat and then again on high heat. 

 It all seems like a no brainer, but this week I had the pleasure of unsewing a jacket twice the first time the color combinations were not working I will take the responsibility for not thinking outside of the box on that.  The second time, well I was distracted, I was completely done and thought I was going to iron out the seams and trim the ends.  About that time I smelled something burning, I accidentally placed the iron on my lining and for some reason the combination of fabrics were not compatible.  Unfortunately it meant going back to the sewing table removing the seams, find a better piece of fabric for my lining and then try it again for the third time.