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All About Green, Celebrating Mother Earth! March 20, 2012

Posted by sweetdreamzztextiles in Healthy Earth.
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Celebrating Mother Earth today, it’s easy to take positive steps towards making an impact and a change in keeping our earth green.  It’s important to do our part in our simplest way, were on vacation this week and when we got to our destination we noticed that we could not get find a trash receptacle.  We searched the grounds for several minutes only to find four boxes each labeled with the type of garbage that belonged in that container.  As we progress through the week we found that it was easy to place all the plastic containers in one area, all the paper products in another area.  Even on vacation we’re making a real family effort to recycle and do our part in making sure that we keep the earth healthy.   My challenge to the family is what can we all do each day to make a change.