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April 6, 2012

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The family plan tomorrow is to start on our vegetable garden so will be following this blog.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with planting a vegetable garden. I just like the idea of growing things. The truth is that I have never been very successful at growing my own vegetables on any scale that could be considered worth the investment in time and money involved. With the exception of tomatoes and basil, I have failed miserably at attempts to grow any other food worth eating. Eggplants wither and turn odd shades of green and brown, completely unlike the shiny purple beauties pictured on the seed packets. Same with bell peppers, which end up misshapen and underwhelming in size.

Bell Pepper Plant

But for some reason tomatoes love our soil. We get so many that it becomes difficult to keep up. I mean, how many tomatoes can you eat? And each year there seems to be some volunteer plant that springs up in a planter. We always let them grow just to…

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Thank God It’s Friday, not Saturday Again? April 6, 2012

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All I can say is Thank God it’s Friday I think?  Which means turning a sour day into a good day regardless of the long week?  The last few Fridays has made we wonder why we thank goodness it’s Friday, it’s the downhill slide into Saturday, another bust your hump day to get to more tedious work on the week-end done.  If you’re like me the day starts out with what is for breakfast and please do not feed us box foods or frozen items that you throw in the toaster (will geez it works for the whole week, why not today?) Strip all the beds and put them in the washer, moving right along, walk around the house trying to figure out where I placed the toilet bowl brush.  Oh yes on the back porch when I took the puppy out for a potty break.  I’m back on track again; I was heading to the bathrooms to get them cleaned (where did I leave that toilet bowl brush again). 

Bathrooms done, of to the kitchen, get the dishwasher loaded, get the puppy out of the dishwasher (fifth warning someone please get the puppy before she gets a hot bath).  No one moved so must be talking to me.  Kitchen done, check it of the list. Ah, the family surfaced must be time for me to fix lunch, although it was not in my plan for the day I guess I better get started.  Lunch done, it’s now about 2p.m. get all the beds laid, I’m missing a pillow case when and how did I lose one and where is the bottled water I had in my hand?   I found the water bottle and pillow case in the spare bedroom, beds done.  Vacuum the rooms sure would love to do that after I’ve already worked eight hours today(not).  Doors slam and open, great neighborhood kids wonder where their Mom’s are?

Hide and seek in my house really, really on my newly mopped floors while the puppy barks her head off for lack of attention.

Sort laundry and get the washer loaded while I get the mail from the mailbox and wrap up the day.  OMG it’s now 6:30p.m. all laundry put away nice and neat, where has the day gone to?  Take the puppy back out for a potty break, while I’m outside might as well  sweep the back porch because after all I live for Saturday’s.  Then I hear Mom, what’s for dinner?   Really, really, find the number to the pizza joint I’m wishing for Monday so I can really get a break.  Friday really no thank you makes me tired thinking of what Saturday brings.

Busy Mom

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, What A Week! April 6, 2012

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What a week I’m hungry and I’m beat.  Which brings me to this week’s short tale, Goldilocks and The Three Bears?  I often wonder how Goldilocks felt that day she was out in the forest and was brave enough to stumble upon a home not having any idea who lived there.  We do know the door was unlocked and there were a number of beds, when I think back to the story Goldy tried every bowl of porridge to see which one would suit her taste, after trying each chair to see which one was just the right for her to sit in.  It’s take a level of courage and persistence to try new things not knowing what the outcome could be.  

Can you imagine a young lady not aware of what that day held; she only knew she needed to survive that day?  We know she had a good meal, sat in a decent chair and after all that, she took the time out to try each bed, the beds were not in her personal home so why would she not just settle on the first one and rest her weary soul.  AT the end of the day she did not take the road less travel, she took the road with an unknown outcome and she finally settled on the right bed for her afternoon nap.

 What an adventure for Goldilocks,  just dared to be try something new, after reading this story again I had to think what would happen if I was willing to take more chances with this company?  Sure, some things I could possibly fail at but what happens if I try nothing at all and I simply just sit at the gate, waiting and still waiting for something to happen.  Today I commit our group to taking more chances not knowing what the future holds but the key is to try something new.